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We love Arosa

Situated in the Heart of the Swiss Alps, Arosa always has been a very special place.

From being a small farmers village in the middle ages, over being the number one spot for the rich & beautiful in the 1920s to becoming the ski resort it is today, Arosa always has been morphing. Two things tough stayed the same through all the times: The laid back vibe and the gorgeous surroundings. They say Arosa is addictive and seeing how many guests have been coming back for generations, we think it might be true.

Arosa is worth a visit all year long, but our two main seasons are Winter and Summer.



The Winters in Arosa are cold and cozy. The main sporting activities are skiing and snowboarding, crosscountry skiing, sledding and hiking. Of cousr, skiing is the one thing most people come to Arosa for and who can blame them with almost 250km of beautiful slopes in Arosa-Lenzerheide. The cold yet dry climate ensures lots of sunny days and the ideal circumstances to spend your days outside. For the less sporty, there is always a nice terrace to enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious food while getting some vitamin D. In the evening, Arosa offers a wide array of restaurants, bars and clubs.



Even tough Winter is our main season here in Arosa, we would not miss Summer for anything. The main activities in Summer are mountain biking, hiking and golfing. These main activities get complimented by a lot of adventourous things to do: a visit to the rope park, some boating on the “Obersee” (lake in the middle of the village), a swim in the Arosa lido. All of these and many more activities are even for free for our guests thanks to the “Arosa Inclusive Card”. Last but not least you can always enjoy at our very own bear sanctuary, the “Bärenland Arosa”.

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