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Team - AROSAexklusiv

The Arosa Exklusiv Team

We take your vacation personally! Our team accompanies you from your booking to check-out with expertise and passion. Do you have a special wish? Need a tip? Or do you have a special need? Contact our team, we are happy to be there for you!

AE Service AG
Poststrasse 144
CH-7050 Arosa

+41(0)79 676 47 28

Valerie - AROSAexklusiv

Valerie Leu

Your Host

Valerie Leu has over 30 years of experience in guest recruitment. She not only knows all of our properties exactly, but also, as a local, the village inside and out. She is happy to accompany you in all your concerns – so that you can start your vacation relaxed.

Telefon: +41(0)79 676 47 28

Lissa - AROSAexklusiv

Lissa Kaspar

the coordination

This is where the threads come together. Lissa is the link between your booking and our housekeeping so that everything runs smoothly. In addition to coordinating operations and quality control, she is also responsible for marketing.

Telefon: +41 (0) 79 676 47 28


Aline Pech

the accountant

With her expertise, Aline Pech keeps track of the numbers. Competence and financial order make you feel good when you book.

Telefon: +41 (0) 79 704 82 91


Jose Lamego and Ligia Sousa

the housekeeping

Exclusivity is quality. This is exactly what Jose Lamego and Ligia Sousa are here for. The cleanliness in our holiday homes and offices is their mission and passion.